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1/30th Artillerymen who have passed away
No One Forgotten No One Left Behind
Click here for "The Reason" why we memorialize
 our fallen friends
and see
 the faces of those
Artillery Men
 who have sacrificed
 their life
Ridings Charles L. 2005
Royse Edward E. LTC 2010
Rubiski Charles H. 1993
Rue Cedric Jr. 2001
Runnels Doyle L 1SG 2014
Ryder William -
Sayre John R LTC 1992
Shaklette Donald 2019
Shaw Ardell SFC 2008
Shoalmire Jack B 2011
Simpson Ronald. E 2017
Speairs Phillip M. COL (R) 2002
Standingbear Stanley 1989
Thomas Dwight 1982
Twidwell Donald H. MSG 1986
Tillman Ronald C. 2011
Vernor Thomas J. 1SG (R) 2007
Wasney Jr James 2018
Watson Jimmie A. 2001
Wedlin Paul C. 1995
Whittington Wayne W 2003
Wigner Charles C. COL(R) 2009
Wincz John D 2020
Wood Jonathan 2002
Wright Gordon -
Yazzie Raymond 2015
Young, Clarence MSG 2012
Zacchetti David A LTC 2013
Zugel Raymond J. 2015

McCain Williston B.LTC 2006
McCreedy Michael J. 2002
McNamara Daniel J. 1999
Medlin Paul C 1995
Mercado Jose A SGM 2014
Meyer Thomas 2010
Moreland Carl C 2015
Moreno Mariano 2013
Nash David 2017
Morin Carl R BG 2010
Nelson Eden C. 1SG 2004
Nolde John B COL 1973
Oats Jack J 1SG 2011
Opaliski Mark A. 1998
O'Shea Victor 2020
Payne Lawrence 2006
Perry John C -
Peters Ambrose 2009
Peck Jerry L. 2014
Peebles Jerry L 2014
Piccoli Jacob 1995
Pinchback James 1988
Ponder Gary D
Potter Jewell W. 1990
Pullen Thomas 2020
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