Pete Henry is a member of 1/30 Field Artillery Association (A Btry; Lt. FDC '67-'68) he writes ...

"Hard Chargers from the Sky", a new historical novel just published

I would like to get the word out to our Hard Chargers that "Hard Chargers
from the Sky", a passage through the Vietnam War, September '67-8 has been published and is available on Amazon, Kindle and in some bookstores.

As our reunion in Sill is coming up (June 3-6,2014) shortly, I wanted to get the word out.

I will be bringing a few copies (644 pages with pictures) with me to the
reunion to present them, but if folks would order and bring a copy, I will
have a signing at our gathering. If you could pass this on to our members or
provide me with the member email list I would appreciate it.
Pete Henry
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The Story: Rye's Passage Through the Vietnam War
To All

I have been putting together our effort, a passage in the Vietnam War, all to include the emotions, events I recall, even dialog. It is being published and will be availabale in some bookstores as a paperback, as well as on Amazon & Kindle.

The following web blog provides you with an introduction to the novel: http://www.hard-charger-sky.blogspot.com

There, you may view the following:
  • The Book Jacket
  • The Story: Rye's Passage Through the Vietnam War
  • The Hard Chargers (The men introduced)
  • About the Author
  • Operation Map- Trail of Engagements
  • History Chanel Interview (link to the interview on the Web)
  • LIFE Magazine Centerfold as published on April 18, 1969 - "Hard Chargers Land in Khe Sanh"
  • Examples from Chapters in the Novel:
  •         -- "Lift Off"
            -- "Dead to Rights
            -- "Last Amreican Standing"
            -- "Last Rites"
            -- "Holiday Triage"
            -- "Winning the Hearts and MInds"
            -- "In from the Jungle"
            --"Bloodbath in Que Son"
  • Songs Sung & Recorded in Battle
  • Scenes from the Operations
"Hard Chargers from the Sky"
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