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All: I received a Christmas card from Janice Hazlewood-Hutton Wednesday informing
me that MSG (R) Stephen R. Hazlewood passed away on 10 January 2016.

Steve was part of my crew in Bn FDC at Camp Evans in 1968. When the Ammo Dump was hit by a cluster of 122mm NVA Rockets on 19 May 1968, they set off a huge fire in the artillery powder storage area. This raging fire set off sympathetic explosions of artillery rounds causing the whole ammo dump to start exploding.

We were 800 meters from the ammo dump and pieces of exploded and unexploded ordnance of all sizes began falling all over HHB compound and onto C Btry who was co-located with us. My Battery Commander put me in charge of a 12-man reaction force and ordered me to occupy an unfinished drainage ditch in case we were infiltrated by the
NVA. After an hour and a half of sitting in this un-covered ditch, the sizes of the shrapnel pieces increased in size and were pinging all over us. I made the decision to send the reaction force back into the Bn TOC with orders to come back out immediately if they heard me firing. SP5 Hazlewood volunteered to stay with me in case I has wounded even though I ordered him to go back into the BN TOC. After another half hour a runner came out and told me the Battery Commander ordered me to return to the TOC.

About 7 years ago our former Bn Commander now COL (R) John G. Kloke wrote a request to the Army to award Steve and I the Bronze Star with V. This packet was sent to the then commander of the 1-30th FA for processing. It did not go through
because both Steve or I were retired. The proper course of action was to submit it to a Senator or a Congressman in our home state of Ohio. The packet was never returned to me by Chris Atkinson, and I have no idea where it is stored.

Steve stayed with me in that ditch voluntarily of his own free will. I would ask that this packet be found and sent to me. I now have a contact with the office of Representative Marcy Kaptur who is willing to process this request. Even though Steve has passed away
I would like to pursue this issue to have this award approved and issued to Steve Posthumously So his grandchildren will know of his brave actions.

The 2nd Picture shows my Bn FDC posse. Steve is in the bottom row standing 2nd from the left. The leader of this posse is the trooper at the top with an M-60 MG showing over my left shoulder. The 3rd picture is Steve just before retiring from the Army Reserves. NOTE: 16 members of HHB & C Battery were wounded in this attack.

Daniel P. Gillotti
SGT Steve Hazlewood