Ron Curry - May 14, 2014
Our Hard Charger Ambassadors
Jim Harris, Tom Pullen, Pete (Vernon) Sauter, Wayne Crabtree
 MaryAnn Sauter, Brenda Pullen
Ron's efforts on behalf of the Association will always be remembered. His tremendous work on the Branson Reunion, his championing of Mae Cooper, and his willingness to be available to hold up the banner of the Association at Ft. Sill among other remberences. He will be missed.
John Dynes - President
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I attended the funeral of Ron Curry on Sunday and was joined there by fellow Hard Chargers Wayne Crabtree, Tom Pullen, and Pete Sauter. The event was well attended, almost to "standing room only". Ron's wife, Linda, and sons and daughters (I believe there were three sons and two daughters) were composed and their love and respect for Ron was obvious.

The preacher from the Harmony Baptist Church, of which Ron was a founding member, preached the funeral. He did a good job and was mercifully brief for a Baptist preacher (I grew up in the baptist church and am still a member so I can say that). That left plenty of time for one of Ron's sons, James, to talk to us. He did an excellent job of describing his life with Ron. The terms "tough love" and "firm but fair" were used to describe Ron's approach to discipline. His most memorable comment though described a conversation he had with Ron shortly before he died. In an effort to lighten the mood James told Ron "I'm going to go over to the nursing home and pick out a new dad". To which Ron replied, "You'll just be disappointed. They only made one of me." Able to joke at such a critical time. What a Hard Charger.

Jim Harris 1st Vice President
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