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Provided by: Daniel P. Gillotti, MS, MA, First Sergeant, USA Retired.
May 2016 - 1

Hard Charger News: We are finally coming out of a really crappy winter. Spring has sprung here on the shores of Lake Erie. The sun is shining, blossoms are blooming on the trees, the flowers are blooming, and so are the dandelions. I’ve been trying to go to work for the last three years, to no avail! Age discrimination is alive and thriving, as no one will hire a 73-year-old grandfather, regardless of having many years of valuable experience, a BS degree, an MA Degree, and an MS Degree. Consequently, I volunteered to be trained as a Lorain County Sheriff’s Office Auxiliary Deputy Sheriff.

On 28 April 2016, I was one of a class of 20 other volunteers who graduated and received our badges. As the oldest person in this class I had the feeling I wasn’t expected to complete the rigorous 15 weeks of training. Well I sure fooled everyone including the doubting Thomas’s in my family. The youngest group in this class ranged in age from 19-39 years old. At the end of the course I was unanimously elected as the Class President, and had the honor of representing our class and giving the graduation speech. The lesson learned here is to never assume that an ornery old First Sergeant is too old at the age of 73. There may be snow on the roof top – But there is still fire in the furnace! Hard Charger ~ Sir!

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