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Provided by: Daniel P. Gillotti, MS, MA, First Sergeant, USA Retired.
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2003-2005, and is now the current Honorary Colonel of the 30th FA Regiment. I agreed to be nominated as the 1st VP, and was elected to replace CSM (R) John A. Hoetker. He is now serving a three-year tour as the Honorary Sergeants Major of the 30th FA Regiment. Additionally, CW3 (R) Jon A. Fizzell was appointed as the Honorary Warrant Officer of the Regiment. Danny Mitchell was re-elected as the 2nd VP, Darrell Comer remains as the Membership Chairman, John Dynes remains as the Newsletter Editor and Bereavement Officer, James G. Harris remains as the Association Treasurer, Saverio Grimaldi remains as the Webmaster.

Pat Little remains as the Veterans Services Officer, I remain as the Historian, and Immediate Past President, and LTC James Egan is the Ex Officio Member of the Board. We have an open vacancy to replace Chaplain Geary who will be sorely missed. He also served as the Chaplain for 1st Infantry Division Association. Following this meeting we held our annual Memorial Service with the reading of the names of all of our deceased Hard Chargers dating back to 1918 for those who succumbed to the deadly Spanish Influenza, our WWII Hard Chargers, our Vietnam Hard Chargers, members of the Active Duty 1-30th FA dating back to 1995, and those Hard Chargers who died since our 2015 Reunion. We then held the presentation of pins commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Vietnam War.

Each member was given a pin, a Proclamation Certificate, and a brochure explaining the pin. This was followed by a barbeque luncheon in our Regimental Room. We then boarded passenger vans and headed out to Moway Range for a live fire artillery shoot. The first event was the naming of the three howitzers that would be doing the shooting. The A-1-30TH FA M109 155mm SP was named “ANGRY ANGEL” and the cutout stencil on the barrel was sprayed by the former A-1-30th FA 1LT Brian Weaver (RVN 69-70). The B-1-30th FA M177 towed 155mm was named “BARBARIAN BUNNY” and the cutout stencil on the barrel was sprayed by the former B-1-30th FA 1LT Darrell Comer (RVN 69-70), and the C-1-30th FA M119 towed 105mm Howitzer was named “CHARGIN’ CHARLIE”. A total of 90 rounds were fired and were easily observed by everyone present. All Field Artillerymen at one time or another know what can be seen from the firing points at the Moway Range. And they also know what Signal Mountain looks like.

 A good time was had by everyone who attended this demonstration. At 6PM most everyone went out the Ted & Marilyn Janosko’s beautiful house for a Pool Party which consisted of drinks and some great snacks. We then went to Marilyn & Ted’s church hall for a very nice dinner. Later in the evening our hospitality suite was packed and everyone was having a great time. We had to call a time-out once per hour while all of the empty powder canisters and unused powder bags were disposed of. Battles and attacks in Vietnam were fought and re-fought several times throughout the evening. By about 1AM, the suite was closed, and folks headed for their bunks. On Thursday morning 9 June most everyone boarded the passenger vans and we traveled to Duncan, Oklahoma to the Chisholm Trail Heritage Museum. This is a beautiful place to visit as you virtually go back in time and learn how and why the Chisholm Trail came about. The historians are well versed in every aspect of life on the trail back in the 1870’s, and the men who made that history. The rest of Thursday was free-time and folks went in all directions. Theresa and I went to the casinos and she won some money. That night the suite was packed, and a good time was had by all. On Friday morning 10 June the Change of Command Ceremony was executed at the Polo Field where LTC Jeremy Jelly relinquished command of the 1-30th FA to LTC James Egan.

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