You'll enjoy this one. Spitfire 944 Long range reconnaissance..John Blyth flew 51 unarmed missions over Germany .
And, there's some other great videos that can be accessed at the end ! Get yourself comfortable and enjoy an ordinary red blooded American hero, all in a days work. Watch the movie
Hours after Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, the Secret Service found themselves in a bind . President Franklin D . Roosevelt was to give his infamy speech to Congress the next day, and although the trip from the White House to Capitol Hill was short, agents weren't sure how to transport him safely .Read the story
 Watch this video very carefully.
 This current administration is capable of doing the same against any of the citizens opposing them. There are already rumors that all military leaders that do not swear an oath to follow all orders of the president, even firing on this country's citizens, are being relieved of command. You draw your own conclusions.
 NEWS VIDEO: 1932 - young Patton, young Eisenhower, young MacArthur, Pres. Hoover, Walter Winchell reporting. I don't recall this from any history classes. Do you think our military, acting on orders from a
 broken federal gov't, will NOT march against our own citizens? Think what you want to, but THIS DID HAPPEN only a few generations ago.
 Hard to believe! Click on Picture
This had a circuitous route to my computer. Give credit to Jim Valinoti for passing to me, but the trail before that is contorted, though interesting.

A long video of much territory those of us who served time in III CTZ know well. The film is a conversion from old fashioned celluloid to video.
Quality is pretty good, though somewhat dark in places. The fellow's voice over descriptions are good for the most part. Sounds a little like he is explaining to the non-military folks about choppers, howitzers, etc., but that's fine. He was part of A/2/32 Arty/25th ID, a 175mm unit that provided corps support primarily from Tay Ninh, occasionally from St. Barbara, though I don't remember ever seeing them there in my occasional fly-overs of the LZ
--- one of our batteries was there far more frequently. I believe we fired support for them a few times from Grant and Dolly in early to mid-69, then after my departure, A Btry occupied it for a time (right, Dan?).

Anyway, take a look when you have time and consider if you want to post it anywhere or simply give the link to Hard Chargers in a newsletter.
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