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GREAT ARTICLE: "You Can Leave the Military -- But it Never Really Leaves You" (Click Here)
       Thanks Widrow Wilson and Gary Dunnagan
Vietnam War in Cambodia, "YouTube" video clips -- Be forewarned and aware as some of these video clips are provoking (Click Here)
Helpful List of websites for Veteran Benefits (Click Here)
Note: Some links are not functional; they're being checked out
Vietnam Statistics - Interesting but very sad (Click Here)
Social Security Disability Benefits website - Helpful information (Click Here)
An accumulation of notices from the membership .....
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Gillotti's comments and Hard Charger News 1-1-12
Gillotti's comments and Hard Charger News 9-1-12
Men's Health Resources
International Society of Men's Health
Men's Health from the NIH
Men's Health Network
WebMD Men's Health
Prostate Health
Testosterone Health
Diabetes Resource
Drive for Five
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