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Most of us flew on the UH-1 one or more times, and they are an iconic image of Viet Nam. Take a look. A couple of photo’s near the end may get to you.
 UH-1 Retirement Ceremony at Fort Hood on 18 August 2012.
Click on website below for pictures of the UH-1 Huey Farewell Ceremony held at Fort Hood, Texas, August 18th. It was a very emotional event for all concerned. Vietnam Veterans were offered farewell flights in one of last three Hueys in the Army inventory.
The flight consisted of a low level flight over the Fort Hood training areas and a low level pass over the Central Texas Veterans Cemetery. The Huey has had one of the longest service histories of any US Military Aircraft with the exception of the B-52. (Gillotti & Gregroy)
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Huey Farewell Ceremony
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