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30th Field Artillery Regiment Association
“Hard Chargers”
Lineage and Honors
WWII: HHB, 30th FA Regiment; HHB, 30th FA Group; 30th FA Bn; 521st FA Bn; 550th FA Bn; 550th FA Rocket Battery; D Battery, 30th FA (Searchlight); and the 1st Bn, 2nd Bn, 3rd Bn, 4th Bn, and 5th Bn, 30th FA.

Campaign Streamers include:
Aleutian Islands - Rhineland - Central Europe

Vietnam War: 1st Bn, 30th FA

Valorous Unit Award: 1 May-29 June 1970, Streamer embroidered “FISH HOOK”, DAGO 43, 1972.
Meritorious Unit Commendation: 1 Oct 1966-30 Sep 1967, Streamer embroidered “VIETNAM 1966-1967”, DAGO 48, 1968.
Meritorious Unit Commendation: 1 Jan-1 Sep 1968, Streamer embroidered “VIETNAM 1968”, DAGO 42, 1969.
Meritorious Unit Commendation: 26 Oct 1968-11 Jun 1969, Streamer embroidered “VIETNAM 1968-1969, DAGO 39, 1970.
Republic of Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry with Palm: 9 Aug 1965-19 May 1969, Streamer embroidered “VIETNAM 1965-1969”, DAGO 59, 1969.
Republic of Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry with Palm: May 1969-Feb 1970, Streamer embroidered “VIETNAM 1969-1970”, DAGO 11, 1973, amended DAGO 42, 1972.
Republic of Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry with Palm: Feb 1970-28 Feb 1971, Streamer embroidered “VIETNAM 1970-1971”,DAGO 42, 1972.
Republic of Vietnam Civil Action Honor Medal, First Class: 1 Jan 1969-1 Feb 1970, Streamer embroidered “VIETNAM1969-1970”, DAGO 42, 1972.
Battery A, 1st Bn, 30th FA:

Valorous Unit Award: 1-31 Oct 1967, Streamer embroidered “QUANG TIN PROVINCE”, DAGO 39, 1970.
Valorous Unit Award: 7-11 Mar 1969, Streamer embroidered “TAY NINH PROVINCE”, DAGO 42, 1972.
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