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27th Annual 30th Field Artillery Association Reunion
JUNE 8 -13, 2020 will be held at Ft. Sill, OK
Updated March 2020

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Change of Command date of Wednesday, JUN 10 (NEW)

We talked to Homewood suites and they are willing to give us the same deal as last year, except the per diem rate went up $1. She will look in the rate at $94, even if the rate increases in the new FY. So the rate is $94/night, 30 rooms will be dedicated to the Association from 8-13 JUN, the hospitality room is comped, and they'll provide a cake for our icebreaker on 9 JUN. They always have breakfast and they provide an evening meal with beer and wine (Monday-Thursday). We have not locked it in until we talk to the board.

Thank You Dan Mitchell, Rob Roshell, Ted Janosko and Marilyn Janosko for your work for this 2020 Reunion

The Iternary: ( Some changes in scheduling)

Monday 8 JUN Hospitality Room will be open; Obtain Fort Sill pass Form 118

Tuesday 9 JUN Hospitality Room will be open; Icebreaker in the Hospitality Room, Historical Albums and memorabilia
Wednesday 10 JUN 1-30 Change of Command / Memorial Ceremony and membership meeting in the Regimental Room; Luncheon (New)
Thursday 11 JUN Association Day out, Medicine Park Aquarium, Wichita Mountain Visitor Center, Lunch

Friday 12 JUN The Brigade (428th FA); Afternoon Activities 1800 Banquet and Auction at Lawton Fairgrounds (NEW)

Saturday 13 JUN Safely Return Home; See you next year for the 28th Annual Reunion TBA

Bus to the Aquarium at Medicine Park (not great, but nice for this area), lunch at the Plantation or the Riverside Café, free time to shop or get ice cream at Medicine Park, Wild Life Refuge (Road to Mount Scott may still be closed) but at least the Visitor Center, then stop off at the Janoskos for refreshments and return to the hotel.

Banquet. We would like to go to the Prairie Building at the Great Plains Coliseum. They have some very good meals for decent cost. We had a MOAA meeting there and they permitted us to bring in our own beer and wine. If Hardchargers want to bring something stronger, that is acceptable. Marilyn has agreed to help Dan Mitchell with that and we'll ask the 1-30 to assist with color guard, etc.

Dan Mitchell is ready to start working with The Soldiers Express for transportation and a local wine merchant and a vet (J.P. Richard) for the wine. Dan Mitchell said that he will also get the libations for the Hospitality Room (with Marilyn's) assistance, so Dan Gillotti will not have so much responsibility.

Registration Form included in the Newsletter