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Hard Chargers are leaders. On active duty and in the civilian world. We know the value of friendships forged in times of duress and on the fields of battle. We memorialize our fallen comrades, we help one another, and we honor the soldiers of today’s active Regiment.
It’s your Association --- support it by becoming a member and by keeping your membership current!

Be part of the Hard Chargers’ team. Show your support for your buddies from years gone by and for today’s terrific young soldiers. Become a member, renew your membership, make a special contribution, change/update your Association record --- all forms and directions can be accessed from this page.

AND DON’T FORGET!!! The way we’ve built the Association and reached so many of your old friends from active duty days is by building the Hard Chargers database --- one name at a time. YOUR HELP IS CRITICAL!!! Got old orders, active duty rosters, other papers with ol’ Hard Chargers’ names? When you mail your membership forms, dues, and/or contribution --- send copies of those orders, rosters, or other papers. When you initially sign on, attach a copy of your DD214. This is a giant help to us in properly listing your service information in the Association database, so your buddies can find you.

All data is for Association use only --- never sold, never “loaned”, never shared with other groups or vendors.
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1st VP - Mike Kunz
Historian - Dan Gillotti
Webmaster - Saverio Grimaldi

Quartermaster - Charles Causey
Secretary - Bob Waldon
Membership - Darrell Comer
Treasurer and Newsletter - John Dynes
Chaplain - Roger Edwards
2nd VP - Danny Mitchell
President - LTC Terry Hilt

This web site is designed, created, maintained, and hosted by members of the 30th Field Artillery Regiment Association, Inc., a Not For Profit Organization. Our members have provided all the photos, graphic images, histories, maps, and other information contained herein. As such, this information is copyrighted material and cannot be copied and/or used with out the express written consent of the original donors of the material.
Veteran Services - Pat Little
                                       Endowments and Planned Giving - Help us preserve the legacy forever
All of us are indebted to the past, those who preceded us and those whose sacrifices earned for us the freedoms we now enjoy. We share a faith and have made our own contributions to it, which in turn makes us a part of the future for those who will succeed us as defenders of this great nation. Some of us are now in a position to offer what we can give not only to the association but to the comrades who served with us, and those who will take up the gauntlet from us. Your generosity in offering the association a contribution will be recognized, appreciated and awarded. Consideration to the 30th Field Artillery Association as a final offering in your will is the ultimate esteemed gift you can give. We as combat artillerymen appreciate your offering.
                            30th Field Artillery Association, Treasurer John Dynes 5435 Cedar Valley Dr Loveland, Co 80537
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Newsletter Editor &
Bereavement Officer - John Dynes
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