30th Field Artillery Regiment Association

The 30th FAR Association was founded as a Regimental Association on January 1, 1995.
In 1998, the Association approved its Constitution and By Laws. Additionally, in December 1998, the 30th FAR Association was incorporated as a Non-Profit Veterans Organization.

Purpose: The purpose of the Association is to establish and maintain a fraternal, non-profit corporation to bring together those who have served honorably with, or are now serving in, the Regiment. The Association is dedicated to basic, traditional American principles of love of country, respect for the flag, and the rule of law.


a. Honor those comrades who have served honorably, particularly those who have sacrificed their lives while serving with the Regiment.

b. Preserve and strengthen the comradeships formed while serving with the Regiment by publishing an Association newsletter, maintaining and distributing rosters of past members of the Regiment and Association, conducting reunions, presenting various awards, and other appropriate means.

c. Gather historical materials relating to the Regiment in order to publicize and preserve the memory of the common and valorous deeds and actions of the Regiment, its soldiers, and its organic and attached elements. Compile a formal written history, assemble displays of memorabilia, and accumulate and preserve for posterity other materials associated with the Regiment.

d. Foster and maintain comradeship among all members of the Association.

e. Maintain contact with and provide unstinting support for the Regiment and its personnel. Assist, to the extent possible, in the professional development of the Regiment's soldiers and student officers concerning their heritage as Field Artillerymen and the traditions of their predecessors.

The Association maintains a database with the names of approximately 4,000 names of former and current Active Duty members of the 30th FAR. The “History of the 30th Field Artillery Regiment 1918 – 1998” was published in 1998 in conjunction with the celebration of the 80th Anniversary of the Organization of the 30th FAR. An addendum was published in 2018 to celebrate our 100th anniversary.

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