Historical Archived Documents
of the 30th Field Artillery
Reports - Staff Logs
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1st Cav DIVARTY Rpt001.pdf
Winning in Iraq.pdf
30th FA History 1969.pdf
30th Report 8-69.pdf
30th Report 9-69.pdf
B 1-30th Story (uned).doc
C 6-16 Story (uned).doc
30th Report 10-69.pdf
Medal of Honor Winner.doc
30th Report 9-6-69.pdf
30th Report 8-15-69.pdf
30th Report 8-17-69.pdf
30th Report 9-17-69.pdf
Vietnam 1968 Story (uned).doc
Exposing Military Phonies.doc
We are working on adding Historical Documents, articles or other information related to the 30th Field Artillery in this section of the website. If you have any documents to contribute send them to the Hardcharger Webmaster for all to see.
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